Apparel Photography

There are a few major way to showcase your apparel collection. See below some samples.

The classic go to is modeling. Nothing can beat that. The right model can give an instant overview of the how the garment looks.

Laying garments flat is also a possibility and it helps standardize the look across all your items. It may not be as appealing as having a model but it does the job honorably.

Ghosted model or invisible mannequin is a more fancy way of showcasing certain garments. If you consider models distracting for your clients, or you don’t have access to one, this does part of the job a model does, without the model.

Clothes hangers work too ! Some garments may not be suited though.

A good set of photos may use one of the styles above, with modeling being my first choice, and then complemented with a second option. You’ll see below there’s options to hide a model’s identity, there could be close up and detail shots, lifestyle or even using flat cardboard cutouts for mannequins.

Give us a call and we should be able to give you a quote fairly quick.

Model - Studio

Model - Location