Veterinary Clinic

Here’s a case study on what you should expect from commercial photography. But always, you should expect more.


Showing off your space is must be one of the first steps in marketing. Make your space visible and when clients will drop by, not only they find it easily they are already comfortable with the space. Give your visitors a preview of your facilities, waiting area, dinning area, showroom, stage, give them a lasting impression with an image rather than a listing.


Show your clients having fun, pets or people. Give your perspective patrons a chance to feel the the vibe of the place. It’s always good to see a bustling place, unless you are a spa retreat. There’s always exceptions. The right photographer will plan and achieve the feeling that you are looking for. In a world in which the attention span is decreasing rapidly, you want the picture to do the talking for you. Have a plan for what you want to illustrate with the photos you want to publish.

At Work

The most natural photographs are probably going to be the ones with you doing what you do best, your business. You may be a veterinary doctor, chiropractor, plumber, real estate agent, dietician,  makeup artist, hair stylist – showcase your work while at it!