Every product has its own IDENTITY.

Each client has a VISION.

Projects will be assessed INDIVIDUALLY.

We will find the BEST PRICE for your project.


Various discounts will be applied on projects with multiple items, and multiple images per item.

Repeat customers, repeat sessions will be rewarded as well.

15% OFF – with 10 items per session or project
10% OFF – 10 or more photos of the same item.

See Required Information, FAQ section and Contact Us to get started.

White Background

This is the standard and basic style of product photography.

It is typically seen on Amazon shopping but all major retailers use it.

White background is meant to give a clean look and uniform across the entire collection.

An outstanding white background photo should help with your click through rate and conversion rate.

Pricing is generally done per final edited photo.

From $25 each.


Lifestyle photos are meant to show your product in a real life situation.

You have to take into consideration a location fee, model fee, model scouting, hair and makeup when a model is involved, props and project administration.

This segment of your photos collection is your Enhanced Brand Content. Together with creative setups or hero images these photos will give you the 1, 2 punch that will get your product in the cart.

Typical lifestyle session with one model may need a budget of 400$ or more.

Creative Setup

It is a studio session but may involve location shooting as well. Props are often used.

These sessions are less scripted and you need to trust the photographer’s talent.

Products are typically shown in a different light with color accents, placement may be off-center.

Expect something different, prepare for a surprise !

Please allocate an hourly budget of $250. Includes editing.

Special Effects

When you need to stand out, in a big way, go for special effects.

These photos will set you up at the top of the food chain.

Think of these as a combination of Hero and Creative photo sessions but with a lot of flare !

Editing time is usually a part of the budget.

The final result is typically a single image.

Depending on style, a starting budget of $300 is recommended.

Hero Images

Hero photos are meant to set a collection apart. These images stand out from the crowd and are the best of that particular class of items.

Lunching a new collection of belt buckles ? A few distinctive images, are ideal to set the tone. You can use them on your marketing campaigns, website banners, flyers and other prime spots.

Depending on style, a starting budget of $250 is recommended, with a single image as a target.

Graphic Design - Collages - Layout

It can start with simple dimensions attached to your product.

Original Style Graphics

Coordinated with your theme, with you product type and color palette, it may include call-out boxes, arrows, dimensions, collages, transparency, buttons, etc.

$150 to create a template and apply it to 2 panels. Extra panels $50 each. Simple dimensions $50.

Photo Editing - Retouching

Standard Editing is FREE with every project

  • cleaning small occasional blemishes
  • cleaning dust, small marks
  • color corrections
  • cropping and framing

Extensive editing

$5.00 – $15.00 / each photo

  • color changes, matching
  • masking / transparent backgrounds
  • labels, features, wrinkles removal or insertion
  • retouching, skin editing
  • geometry and perspective correction