Jewelry Collections

From head to toe, the human body takes all kind of jewelry.

For jewelry regular lighting techniques tend to be too much. Very fine minute adjustments in lighting position or intensity make a big difference. It requires a lot of attention and always improvisation. A macro lens is a must. Also a good background, a pretty model, patience and some creativity won’t hurt!

Many years ago I took photos for a friend that was doing hand made jewellery, but all jewelry is to a great extent hand made, all unique, all different, all special. It was one of my first jobs as a product photographer, using my first DSLR, if anyone cares, a Canon Rebel XT (350D) and it does the job ! A couple of the photos below are from that project, from 2006. I am still proud of the quality of the images, and would love to shoot jewellery like that again.

I worked since then with many other small entrepreneurs. I like to see them grow and I take pride in being a part of their success.

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Delicate Piercing Jewelry

Jewelry Mix