Request For Quote

Please consider providing some information about your project.

We absolutely want to provide you the best possible price for your project.
We understand that professional product photography is an investment and you expect a return on that.

Every product has its own identity.
Every client has a vision and expectations.
Every project has its specifics.

For us, this is Project Discovery.


Best way to accurate quotes:

This information is a must:

  • What is the item? How many ? Provide us with any photo if possible.
  • What is your estimate for how many photos do you need?
  • Please provide your target reference images, they are very useful !
  • What style – simple, studio, staged or lifestyle ?
  • When do you need the photos ?

If you’d like to go the extra mile:

  • How many photos per item?
  • Do you need group photos ?
  • Do you need a collage  ?
  • Does it need styling ? ( clothing, jewelry, products with special features )
  • Purpose – online sales, print ?
  • Location – our studio or your place ?
  • Do you have copy (text, call outs, diagrams ) to go with your photos ?