Request For Quote

We absolutely want to provide you the best possible price for your project.
We understand that professional product photography is an investment and you expect a return on that.

Every product has its own identity.
Every client has a vision and expectations.
Every project has its own specifics.

For us, this is Project Discovery.

Please consider providing some information about your project.

Best way to accurate quotes:

  • Examples and reference images are very useful !
  • What is the item? Provide us with any photo if possible.
  • How many items?
  • What style – simple, studio, staged or lifestyle ?
  • When do you need the photos ?

If you’d like to go the extra mile:

  • How many photos per item?
  • Do you need group photos ?
  • Do you need a collage  ?
  • Does it need styling ? ( clothing, jewelry, products with special features )
  • Purpose – online sales, print ?
  • Location – our studio or your place ?
  • Do you have copy (text, call outs, diagrams ) to go with your photos ?