Splashes, Drops, Bubbles, Fog, Smoke, Flame, Drips

This type of project is not a daily occurrence. It was a perfect storm, a client that was willing to give me freedom to create and also an extended timeline.

Pulling all stops.

Of course there was a plan and it helped but it wasn’t quite enough and all the deadlines flew out the window. The results are below and you can see I pulled all the stops, explored different styles, played with all kinds effects, fire, steam smoke, fog, water.I can say now that special effects photography is a very demanding field. If you are a DIY type of person you will have an advantage because there’s a lot of improvisation required, and sometimes spit and chicken wire. There’s a reword at the end of a session, something you’ve never seen before and you didn’t know you could pull until that very moment.
Thank you Carzilla for such an opportunity. Forever grateful.