BBQ Light and Thermometer Kit

Studio Product Photography

     Usually three or four angles cover most aspects of a small product but what if you have to deal with a very flexible BBQ light ? We are trying to present the different ways this light can be attached and oriented and make it stand out of a crowd of similar products.
We mounted the light on a BBQ like handle, and got the best angle to show how it can be pointed in almost any direction. Such a great kit deserves a great set of photos. Focus on the main subject but don’t forget the details: thermometer, protection hoodie, batteries, easy of installation, touch sensor style button.

The BBQ Lifestyle

     This set of photos should show the light in use, as close as possible to a real life situation. Side views aside now, it’s time for some photography to light up the imagination, and in culinary style pun, light up the taste buds. What would advertising be like with schematics and diagrams and pages ripped out of an instruction manual. Stern schematics may be comprehensive but they don’t sell.