Lacrosse Backpack - Sports Equipment Product Photography

This is a full set of photos covering the most important aspects of product photography, from white background to lifestyle.

White Background

To start with: white background. You cover the basics with this, and many times it’s all you need.

White Background with Props

To build on white background photography a set of photos with props becomes really helpful. It will illustrate better: the shoe compartment, straps, capacity, extra pockets, zippers, all come together to generate a bigger picture. You can win your client this way faster. Further down the line it prevents unnecessary returns. If expectations are set and met, you should be confident on your sales.

White Background with Model and Props

Excellent ! You really want your product to succeed ! A model, even in studio, will show how your product fits, how it works and how it feels. A model doesn’t have to come from an agency or directly from a fashion show. It should match with your target audience though. You probably see quite a few images out there with fake models showing faked in products. Most customers will be able to tell if something is off and you set yourself for failure and excessive returns in the very near future. Real model with a real product builds confidence and confidence helps conversions.

Info-Graphics - Specs, Features and Benefits

Info-graphics will let your client get some further details. We are talking about features, benefits and specs.
In particular black items can be a bit tricky to shoot but a pro photographer should be able to bring out the detail. When you have enough photos, you covered your basics, it doesn’t hurt to do a collage of features to point out the best this backpack has to offer.


Lifestyle Photography

With lifestyle hitting now in the big leagues. Lifestyle photos compliments the white background set. The size of the backpack, intended real use will be better illustrated this way than just a line of text. When a potential client looks at this segment they should be able to picture themselves in using the backpack. These images reinforce the message from the previous sets.