Exquisite Pet Food - Waggers

Here’s some of the work we did.
Solo isolated style, groups, simulated groups, collages.
Transaprency is essential.

Collages, Groups – Real & Simulated

For the next shoot I hope to bring some cat and dog models, not at the same time, but would make a more compelling photo.
We put some photos together with in collages.
Also we did some group shots, but some are editing magic. Can you tell which ones are real ? This way way you can to illustrate collections, groups, comparisons, options or upgrades.

Virtual Merchandising

That’s right, you can fill your shelves with just one or two bags. Not claiming a miracle here, but sure is magic.

Single Bags

I though it was an easy project. Go ahead and stand a bag of food with no creases and the few bits nicely popping in the window. Not crooked, no glaring please. No text showing from the back please. Gorgeous design on the bags.