SiliGrilla BBQ Gloves

    Amazon sales can be a very daunting business. Competition is fierce and if you want to sell for a good price, you need to stand out. Having a good photos shows you care, shows you want to do business and you have nothing to hide. You didn’t just slapped a photo, maybe just a stock image. Even if the price is the same as your competition, you can sell more, faster with personalized photos, details of your product, collages and descriptions like none of your competitors have. Watermark your images and you should have a good level of safety against copycats. Invest time and effort in your marketing and it will pay off.
     Can you tell the difference between these photos and the average amazon post ? What do you want to see most ? Size of a product, color, features ? If possible wouldn’t you have it all ? Closeups, details of craftsmanship, labels, logo, quality of finishing and so forth. Even if you pay more for a product you know it’s the right one when you’ve seen most of what you can probably can see from photography. It may not work at all, but at least looks good ! Sure, you can give even more confidence with a video, but photos can put products at work and show them in use. Have the gloves displayed right as they are supposed to be used, in the fire !
Good grip, safety from burns, comfortable, sleek and neat, cheap and cute.
What else can I say ? You see it for yourself ! You know you want one pair !
     These photos were taken for an Amazon listing. What would the sale pitch and catch phrase be? BBQ the veal, that’s the deal!