Power Heated Gloves are the photographer’s best friend in Canadian winters. They are really necessary. Your fingers will get stiff in cold and the camera suffers too.The displays get slow and when you thing you got out of the woods to a warm place, condensation hits and it will incapacitate your camera for an hour at least. Lucky enough for me I do most of my business indoors.

Styling this product was fun and it always involves improvising. As simple as it may look, choreographing those fingers in a certain position wasn’t easy, not even when they are your own fingers. Details like this, lighting, angles, excellent tools and patience make great product photography. If you trust your product trust Philux Photo with your photos.

Check out the 360 spin below.

360 Product Photography

You know you want to showcase your product with a proper tour! Have a taste – hit play, drag to rotate, use shift and ctrl keys to zoom.
This is a 24 frames view which will show your product from every 15°. It can be integrated into e-commerce CMS and most common platforms WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

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