Why - Professional Product Photography ?

First, here's the big picture.

Product photography is the process of creating high-quality images of products to showcase them on websites, social media platforms, or other marketing materials. The goal of product photography is to make the product look as appealing and attractive as possible while accurately representing its features, details, and colors.

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1. Great photos are the highway to conversion.

I cannot emphasize enough the photos of your product are the biggest chance you have to make an impression in an online world. To sum is up, its where the rubber hits the road. Those images must reflect the full potential of your project, the fruit of your labor, all the hard work, all the development, all the planing, problem solving, packaging, shipping. The only other think more important to your success is how the product performs in the hand of your clients.

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2. Give confidence - be clear, prevent confusion.

Assuming your photo are covering most aspects of your product, with a great variety, lifestyle, in use, examples there should be minimal confusion on what the product it or can do. With all features clearly laid out, have the confidence your clients are confident themselves on what they are buying.

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3. Good photos answer questions & preemptively reduce inquiries.

Your customer service load will be reduced. The thickness of a yoga mat, the texture of a fabric, the way parts fit together.

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4. Best tool to qualify your clients.

The photos will filter out the clients that may not benefit from your product. It may be tempting to sell more, cover more needs with your product than you should, reach out to a wider audience, but if over stretch the abilities of your product and it will end up in the hands of clients that will be disappointed, they will expect too much.

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5. Your best advocate.

The photos will speak for themselves. They will do the hard work more than you will ever be able to. They will be a tireless tool. Your photos will be there for you representing your product, no need to repeat yourself. Take full advantage !

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